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Between 40+ hour work weeks, co-authoring a feminist coloring book with Jacinta Bunnell (Girls Are Not Chicks), organizing transgender conferences and radical fat variety shows, Julie Novak has managed to persist as a powerful indie rocker in the most DIY fashion. Aside from her own solo project, Novak spent the two years producing the long-awaited release of her first musical project, guitars and hearts in 2007.


The combination of Julie’s simple, driving beats, raw, passionate vocal delivery and charismatic stage presence along with the unique melodic, rhythmic guitar playing of Lauren Camarata, results in a pure and powerful sound. This New York based duo will make you feel loved even if your lover just dumped you. 

Press Reviews:


Best Female Vocalist

Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, 4 weeks in a row


Raw and Passionate


“Raw and passionate ... Guitars & Hearts runs the gamut...Novak and Camarata transition easily from fist-waving rock ballads to feel-good, head-bopping tunes. For only two people, the depth of sound on this album is impressive..” –Katie Cahill


All-female, all-rocking, dynamic punk assault

“All female, all-rocking, dynamic punk assault is one way to describe Guitars and Hearts, but their infectious stage presence must be witnessed for full effect.” –Zac Shaw


Few Obvious Choruses

Roll Magazine

“The lyrics exhibit a heartfelt uncertainty that permeates the confident swagger throughout this cd...With few obvious choruses, the stories here are in the verses...Julie Novak sounds like she is singing /exclaiming through a peaking- out club P.A. while drumming with championship gusto...Lauren Camarata’s guitar is straightforward and rich; just the facts, with tone to spare.” –Ross Rice

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