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America's Next Top: One Top's Hysterical Take on Life, Love, Tools and Boxes​​


“America's Next Top…,” co-written with and directed by Eva Tenuto, offers keen insight into gender variance, the politics of queerness and everything in between. “The show is a collection of observations and true stories based on my life growing up as someone who found herself not really having a defined position on the gender spectrum,” says Novak.


Included are moving stories about such things as coming out and experiencing homophobia and discrimination, all told with a twist of humor unique to Novak. “America's Next Top…” showcases not only Novak's strong comedic talents, but also her skills as a singer, impersonator and all around dynamic performer.


“She is a bold and fearless performer,” says Tenuto. “What I love most about her work is its ability to give a strong, powerful voice to an often voiceless community. Her ability to charm the audience and get them laughing, makes the sometimes taboo content accessible for everyone.”

Praise for the Show:

A Tightly Written, High-Energy Autobiographical Comedy Well-Suited for FringeNYC.


The tiny basement club space Under St. Mark’s explodes with energy from the opening moment of Julie Novak’s stand-up style autobiographical solo comedy America’s Next Top: One Top’s Hysterical Take on Life, Love, Tools, and Boxes. She focuses the piece using stories about her exploration of—and other people’s confusion around—her gender and sexual orientation.

Queer Has Never Felt So Clear for Julie Novak in America’s Next Top


America’s Next Top, by the beautiful and empowered Julie Novak was thrilling. Very rarely can any human undermine stereotypes, uplift individuality, and laugh in the face of misogyny—but Julie conquers this task. Delightfully.

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