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Viewing the world through a queer lens is a unique perspective that has heightened both my creativity and social justice focus.

Growing up as a closeted queer teen in the 1980s​, I was bombarded with messages that made me believe I didn't belong–that something was wrong with me. The rejection and isolation nearly cost me my life. When I finally found art and music by and for queer people, it became crucial to my survival, a gateway for visibility that enabled me to become brave enough to not only imagine my truth but to actually live it.Approaching my work through a queer lens has provided me with empathy, bravery, compassion and an active mission to help other marginalized groups have a strong platform to share their diverse stories and experiences.


Equity in the creative process is key for me. On all of my film and animation projects, I make sure to assemble a team that is representative of the constituency of the subject. This means that if I am creating a story about a non-binary Latinx person, I hire an animator who identifies the same way. Notable queer collaborators have included Sekou Luke (D and The Magic City), Brandon Webster (How Life Is: Queer Youth Animated), Benjamin Velez, Truth Bachman (Fletcher's Story), Mady G. (How Life Is: Queer Youth Animated), and Celeste James Lecesne (LifeLines: Queer Stories of Survival)


I currently am a multi-media producer and workshop facilitator at The Future Perfect Project. We believe that the self-expression of LGBTQIA+ young people is a declaration of a better future for us all. We produce writing and media content by and about the youth we serve.

I am the co-founder of TMI Project, a non-profit where our mission is to help craft and amplify radically true stories to ignite human connection, challenge the status quo, and inspire both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change.


Franco Vogt

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True storytelling not only serves to touch, move, and inspire the listener but can also save the life of the storyteller who finally gets to have their experience validated.



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