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Julie Novak talks to guests about transforming their kryptonite into their superpower.

Growing up, I felt shame for feeling like a boy and liking girls. I didn’t know anyone else who was gender variant or gay and thought I would never find acceptance and love. I longed for a role model to show me that the kind of life I longed for was possible. I wished a grown woman–someone who looked like me, but older, with a beautiful lady on her arm–would swoop in, and say to me, “Don't worry Julie, one day, you're going to leave this town and find a place where you belong. Where you are fully embraced and loved for EXACTLY who you are. You don’t need to change anything. Be proud of being YOU.”   


Now, I’m older, I left that town and I have a brilliant and beautiful wife who loves my boyish charm. On my new radio show and podcast, No One Like You, I’ll introduce you to creative talents and real-life heroes whose superpower used to be their kryptonite. They’re going to share their unique gifts and be celebrated. We’re going to connect, laugh, talk shit, and take up lots of space! And we’re not going to apologize for it!   


LIVE STREAM AT RADIOKINGSTON.ORG , or listen locally at AM1490 or FM1079 


Guitars and Hearts

Julie Novak: Drums, Guitar, Vocals

Lauren Camarata: Guitar, Bass

Clingrap Media 2007

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